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Precast Concrete Septic Tank Installation

The Function of a Septic Tank

The purpose of installing a septic tank is to ensure the proper treatment and disposal of waste. When the waste is diverted into the tank, the solids are separated from the water. The partial decomposition of the solids allows for proper disposal of the waste. Here’s how it works:

  • The waste from your building enters the first chamber of a septic tank
  • most of the tank will be filled with effluent (watery waste)
  • the bacteria will break down the solid waste, and this sludge will settle to the bottom of the septic tank
  • the septic tank is a settling pond, and heavier solids sink to the bottom and a filter inhibits most solids from entering the outlet pipe
  • the effluent then crosses over into the pump chamber, where it flows to the septic drain field a large area designed to allow the gravel and soil to decompose organic waste

Managing waste can cause environmental damage if not taken care of correctly, and this includes the potential to have nitrogen and phosphorus leak into the groundwater. Phosphorus is a key reason for blue-green algae building up in lakes or other bodies of nearby water. You want to make sure you choose a dependable way to manage all septic systems for a home or business. With Westcon Precast’s concrete septic tanks, you can count on a quality, durable product.

Advantages of Precast Septic Tanks

Precast concrete septic tanks are a great option for quality and durability. Why choose precast concrete?

  • The concrete is poured and cured in controlled conditions
  • The concrete is strong and structurally sound
  • They are faster to install than poured concrete
  • They are resistant to most environmental factors such as soil conditions
  • They have a long service life span compared to poured or plastic options
  • They have a lower lifetime cost compared to poured or plastic options

Westcon’s septic tanks and holding tanks have also been tested by a third-party independent testing agency, such as the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), to ensure it meets the specifications that it was designed for. We also have stringent quality-controlled manufacturing facilities to meet the highest quality standards for materials, equipment, and processes.

There are also plastic septic tank options available on the market. While plastic tanks are resistant to water corrosion, lightweight and less cumbersome to transport, as well as cheaper, they do have their disadvantages:

  • They are more easily damaged during installation.
  • They can “float” and move under the ground much more easily due to their weight.
  • Plastic septic tanks may not be allowed in your municipality.
  • Tree roots can damage them more easily than concrete tanks.


What Size of Septic Tank Do I Need?

To choose the right septic tank or septic system, you first have to consider several factors: your home’s square footage, the number of bedrooms, and the average number occupants.
How many bedrooms does your home have, and are they occupied by people? A general residential home guideline to working capacity is:

Number of bedrooms x 1.5 people per bedroom x 283.91 litres (75 gallons) per person = working capacity

Keep in mind that you will require a designer to provide the most accurate and correct calculations.

You might also want to take into consideration if you have multiple bathrooms, kitchens, dishwashers, or washing machines. However, extra working capacity may be required depending on the working conditions of your new tank. If you choose a spetic tank that is too big, the system may not work properly and efficiently. If you choose one that’s too small, you’ll end up with quite a mess!

Westcon offers multiple models of septic systems and concrete holding tanks that range from 2649.79 litres (700 gallons) to 11,356.24 litres (3,000 gallons), depending on how big the home or building is. A concrete holding tank is also an option with sizes ranging from 3028.33 litres (800 gallons) up to 37854.12 litres (10,000 gallons).

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