Westcon Precast Hydra Pressed Sidewalk Blocks are unequaled in quality and strength. These sidewalk blocks are hydraulically pressed concrete slabs with unique tread design providing safe and stable walkway all year round especially in Edmonton and Calgary’s weather. Our attractive and versatile hydra press sidewalk blocks can be used for roof deck applications, sidewalks or wherever a stable, non-slip surface is required. Plus, you can easily relocate individual slabs if necessary. Easy to install, so easy to maintain, Westcon Hydra Pressed Sidewalk blocks offers you a lifetime of safety and stability under your feet.

Ease of installation and low cost per square foot of coverage are the top two reasons to consider Westcon’s Sidewalk Blocks for your next walkway, patio, entry landing or foundation pad. If you’re looking to enhance your walkway, our hand-crafted stepping stones offer a great alternative to the traditional 18” x 18” Sidewalk Block. Westcon’s stepping stones are hand poured and stripped, offering each product a unique appearance that can greatly enhance walkways and natural areas.

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24″ x 30″, 24″ x 24″