All septic tanks include a manhole to allow access inside the tank for cleaning and any necessary maintenance. When access is needed, you must partially excavate the tank in order to reach the entrance which is labour intensive and time consuming. However, a manhole extension eliminates this need by elevating the access point to ground level.

Westcon Precast manufactures precast concrete manhole extensions at quality controlled manufacturing facilities in Calgary and Edmonton using state of the art machines and high-quality concrete, ensuring supreme durability and strength.

Our manhole extensions are available in three heights, giving you permanent access to even the largest and most deeply buried tanks.

The experienced team at Westcon Precast builds and delivers a wide range of concrete septic systems to meet the needs of any sized home or business and is able to provide a full installation service.

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Manhole Extension

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Technical Specifications

15 MPa35 MPa6-8%70mm50


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