The M-2500 Holding Tank, with a capacity of 2500 gallons, is the ideal waste containment solution for a farmstead complex, rural estate or as a major expansion to an existing septic system.

Waste management is an important consideration for every home and a Westcon Precast concrete holding tank provides the reliability and highest quality to ensure the secure storage of waste. As the name suggests, a septic holding tank is used to store wastewater and must be regularly emptied by a pumping company. It is important to remember that installing a septic holding system with excess capacity means tanks will fill less quickly and require pumping less frequently.

Westcon engineers septic holding tanks at quality controlled manufacturing facilities in Calgary and Edmonton. Our tanks are built using molds that have been designed and tested by independent agencies to guarantee the durability and integrity of every model.

Precast concrete tanks have many benefits over poly tanks and poured concrete:

  • Stronger and more durable: dramatically lower risk of leakage and structural failure
  • No lengthy curing times required: tanks are usable as soon as they are installed
  • Much higher quality concrete than poured tanks
  • Lower lifetime cost than alternatives

The experienced team at Westcon Precast builds and delivers a wide range of concrete septic systems to meet the needs of any sized home or business and is able to provide a full installation service.

Download Schematic as PDF (33kb)

M 2500 Septic Holding Tank schematic

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Technical Specifications

15 MPa35 MPa6-8%70mm50


– KG– KG10,933 KG


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