The Westcon Difference

At Westcon, we deliver comprehensive on-site precast concrete tank solutions to effectively manage the perils of open excavation and unstable ground conditions while safely operating extremely heavy lifts.

With over 50 years of industry experience, our knowledgeable staff have earned a reputation for consistently delivering safe installations that are on time and on budget in Edmonton, Calgary and all across Alberta. Superior engineering – Safe installation – Built to last.

Serving Edmonton, Calgary and other areas of Alberta for over 30 years, Westcon was one of the first precast concrete plants to be certified under the CSA structural specifications.  We are committed to making the strongest precast concrete tanks in the industry.  All of our CSA certified tanks have thicker walls and are reinforced with rebar to create stronger tanks. With Westcon quality tanks, we have your back.

Concrete Vs. Plastic

Precast concrete tanks have been the accepted standard for well over 40 years for a variety of reasons:

  • Precast concrete tanks offer the best value by outperforming plastic in both installation and backfilling costs
  • Precast concrete tanks do not require precise hand backfilling with pea gravel while filling with water to equalize pressure
  • Precast concrete tanks do not lose their shape
  • Stick and stones will not puncture a precast concrete tank
  • Precast concrete tanks will not “float out” or “pop-up” from high ground water tables
  • Precast concrete tanks are environmentally friendly. The influent in the first chamber of a septic tank goes through an anaerobic process which breaks down the solids. The bi-product of this process is effluent water. Precast concrete tanks with their porous concrete walls create more heat in a tank by aiding in the attachment of bacteria to the side walls of the tank and increasing bacterial growth in the tank. To a precast concrete tank owner, this means less freezing tanks and fields in Alberta’s harsh environment.

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