Dispose of waste and ensure excess water in your home or commercial property is controlled with precast concrete septic tanks and sump pits.

Precast Concrete Septic Tanks

The purpose of installing a septic tank is to ensure the proper treatment and disposal of waste in buildings that are not connected to municipal water treatment plumbing.
Westcon’s precast septic and holding tanks are cast in a controlled environment to Canadian Standards Association (CSA) requirements, are long-lasting and reliable, and are quicker and easier to install than a poured concrete option.
We also have over 19 concrete septic and holding tank models ranging from 2649.79 litres (700 gallons) to 11,356.24 litres (3,000 gallons) and septic holdings are also an available with sizes ranging from 3028.33 litres (800 gallons) up to 37854.12 litres (10,000 gallons).

Concrete Septic Tanks

Precast Concrete Sump Pits

Control wastewater on your property. Sump pits have a myriad of uses from flood mitigation in residential homes or businesses or as a way to catch harmful chemicals from going into the water treatment system.
Westcon has over five concrete sump pit models in varying sizes that are suitable for a residential home to sizes for commercial buildings.

Concrete Sumps

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