Precast concrete parking curbs, also known as parking stop blocks or parking stops, are a great way to keep your business parking lot organized. Each precast curb is poured off-site into molds, which allows for the efficient use of resources within your projects. Parking blocks are used for placement in parking lots to stop vehicles from colliding with a sidewalk or median.

When pouring concrete on-site, water can seep into the concrete while it is setting. Since water expands and contracts, unwanted water can lead to concrete cracking and breaking. Westcon pours the precast parking blocks off-site in pre-set molds, reducing the risk of cracking. Westcon Precast ensures that the precast concrete will withstand cold Alberta winters.

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We carry various types of parking curbs at both our Edmonton and Calgary locations. See our products and engineering specifications.

Precast Concrete Parking Curb Frequently Asked Questions

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