Alberta's Best in Noise Absorption: Wall Logic® Sound Barriers

Discover Wall Logic, Alberta’s solution to urban noise challenges. Our precast concrete barriers expertly absorb sound, creating a peaceful environment in bustling areas.

Crafted for both strength and acoustic efficiency, Wall Logic merges durability with advanced noise reduction technology. It’s an ideal choice for enhancing tranquility in both urban and natural settings across Alberta.


  • Highways and busy roads
  • Residential areas near traffic
  • Railway lines and train stations
  • Industrial sites and factories
  • Construction sites
  • Airports and surrounding areas
  • Outdoor entertainment venues
  • Schools and universities near noisy areas
  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities
  • Shopping centers and business parks

Key Features and Benefits

Design Overview​

Acoustic Properties

Precast Panels

  • A noise barrier can achieve a 5 dB noise level reduction
  • 4.22m long 2.44m high
  • 35 MPa compressive strength 
  • Panels each weigh 5218.8 lbs (2367.2 kg)

Precast Columns

Column Spacing

  • 0.56m wide by 2.44m high 
  • cast-in-place or screw piles by others
  • non-structural precast cap
  • 4.57m from center-to-center

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