Westcon produces the largest variety of precast concrete Jersey barriers and vehicle barriers in Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta. We manufacture multiple types of barriers and curbs can be utilized for a variety of applications.

Applications of Precast Concrete Vehicle Barriers

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Concrete vehicle barriers can be used for a variety of purposes to block off particular areas or direct pedestrian or vehicle traffic in residential or commercial spaces. Concrete traffic barricades have the ability to stop a car and a potential collision if the car enters the shoulder or oncoming lane, relative to a plastic barrier that would break if hit by a car. Concrete barriers are visible and clearly define the area of a worksite. Certain concrete barriers can be attached to fences, which ensures heightened security for a building or worksite.

Roadside Construction

Barriers are used on roadside construction projects when workers are present on a busy urban street or highway. This provides protection from traffic. Placing Jersey barriers on a worksite can also help with the mitigation of pedestrian traffic around a construction site.

High Foot Traffic Areas

Precast concrete barriers are very useful in the management of pedestrians in commercial spaces. Placing road barriers will ensure that pedestrians will travel in the designated areas. Barriers can even be used as a permanent median for roads.

Perimeter Security

Businesses can also benefit from using concrete barriers as a protective perimeter around their building. Concrete barriers can also be utilized at local outdoor events to establish a zone for pedestrians, by demarcating the perimeter for security and to keep pedestrians contained.

Advantages of Precast Concrete Vehicle Barriers

The advantages of using precast concrete barriers are that they can:

  • Manage vehicle and pedestrian traffic.
  • Prevent collisions from becoming more serious and possibly harming pedestrians and construction workers.
  • Outperform plastic barriers in their strength, ability to stop vehicles, and their durability in the Alberta climate.
  • Can some prefabricated in the size and specifications you need for your project.
  • Meet the official guidelines of the Alberta safety code. Here is a list of approved products, provided by the Alberta Government.

Types of Precast Concrete Barriers

The nature of the project you are working on and the application of the concrete barrier will determine the product you will need. This is because there are defined design specifications that need to be met to use certain models in specific circumstances. Westcon Precast has a wide range of precast concrete barriers that can act as permanent fixtures on roads or highways or solutions that can be a temporary barrier.

If you’re are looking for specifics on which types of barriers you may need or how to approach your project, the Alberta Infrastructure guide can provide you with more information.

Precast Concrete Barriers

Precast Concrete road barriers are a common choice for most applications. They have the ability to stop a car and a potential collision if the car enters the shoulder or oncoming lane, relative to a plastic barrier that would break if hit by a car. Concrete barriers are visible and clearly define the area of a worksite to those around it. Certain concrete barriers have the ability to attach to fences, ensuring heightened security on-site if needed.

Depending on the type of barrier that your project requires, Westcon provides a range of models at differing dimensions to accommodate a wide range of projects. Look below for the engineering specifications on which type of barrier you would best suit your project.

Installation of Precast Concrete Barriers

Westcon Precast takes care of arranging delivery and installation of the precast concrete barriers. We make sure that we install the barrier properly on your site by:

  • Inspecting the items for damage and quality prior to loading.
  • Loading, transporting, and unloading of precast concrete barriers from one of our locations in Edmonton or Calgary to your job site.
  • Confirming the location where the barriers should be placed and providing insights on these decisions.
  • Positioning and pinning of the precast concrete barrier.

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Every project is unique, if you’re looking for specifics or have any questions about concrete barriers, please contact us. We can give specific and accurate information on how we can help you select the solutions you need, provide a quote, manufacture them in our Edmonton or Calgary facility, and ensure they are delivered to you.

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