Westcon produces the largest variety of precast concrete Jersey barriers in Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta. There are multiple types of barriers spanning various heights and widths that can be utilized for a number of applications.

Different Types of Precast Concrete Jersey Barriers


Precast Concrete road barriers are a common choice for most applications. They have the ability to stop a car and a potential collision if the car enters the shoulder or oncoming lane, relative to a plastic barrier that would break if hit by a car. Concrete barriers are visible and clearly define the area of a work site to those around it. Certain concrete barriers have the ability to attach to fences, ensuring heightened security on site if needed.


Due to their light nature, if a car were to collide with the plastic, the car would not be sufficiently stopped, endangering those involved and within the area. Plastic barriers are also more susceptible to the cold nature of Alberta’s winter, making it easier for them to become brittle and crack, jeopardizing the structural integrity of the barrier.

What Westcon Provides

Depending on the type of barrier that your project requires, Westcon provides a range of models at differing dimensions to accommodate a wide range of projects. Look below for the engineering specifications on which type of barrier you would best suit your project.

Different Situations For Jersey Barriers

If you’re are looking for specifics on what you may need or how to approach your project, the Alberta Infrastructure guide provides more information.

Roadside Construction

Barriers are used to protect roadside construction workers that are working on a busy highway. Placing Jersey barriers on a site can help with the mitigation of pedestrian traffic around the construction site.

High Foot Traffic Areas

Jersey barriers are very useful in the management of pedestrians in a commercial area. Placing road barriers will ensure that pedestrians can travel is the designated areas. Road barriers can be applied at local events to establish a zone for pedestrians, or permanent placement acting as a median for roads.

Safety Ensured

Westcon has ensured that all concrete road barriers that we provide meet the official guidelines of Alberta safety code. There is a list of approved products, provided by the Alberta Government, outlining all products that can be used regarding this field.

Location & Contact

Westcon provides it’s precast concrete Jersey barriers in the Edmonton and Calgary area, along with all the other models listed. You can contact us here.

If you’re looking for specifics or have any questions about concrete barriers, please contact us or fill out a form. If you’re curious about the pricing for concrete barriers, request a quote! Since every project is unique, this allows us to give you specific and accurate information on how we can help you.

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