Westcon Precast provides precast concrete barriers and curbs for a variety of construction projects. They are all made in-house, in controlled conditions for the highest quality and safety standards.

Concrete Barriers

Westcon manufactures and installs a standard range of concrete barriers designed and manufactured in accordance with municipal, provincial, and federal road and highway requirements.  The purpose of concrete barriers, whether they are Jersey barriers or Type F barriers, is to create a safe place for those working on construction sites or those in close proximity to it by redirecting, slowing, or stopping a wayward vehicle from causing a more severe collision or incident.

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Concrete Curbs

Westcon offers different sizes of precast curbs depending on length and profile. Low profile concrete curbs are designed to act as a stop for a vehicle, but not harm the car. Concrete barrier performance is dependent on the speed and type of vehicle, along with other conditions. These factors will provide the ability for road agencies to select the most appropriate type of barrier.

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Benefits Of Precast Concrete Barriers & Curbs

Precast concrete is developed off-site by pouring concrete into casts that are then transported to the construction site. Since precast concrete is developed off-site at our Edmonton and Calgary facilities, we can ensure the concrete is made to the highest standard during development. Contrarily, poured concrete is made on-site and typically costs more for labor and installation. When poured concrete installation occurs, Redi-Mix concrete is the preferred delivery method. This can run the risk of the concrete timing out or the slump is too stiff and then the driver will typically add water to mix, which changes the water to cement ratio and weakens the mix of your Mpa.

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