The RainRescue System

Introducing the RainRescue System by Westcon Precast, a pioneering solution in advanced stormwater management. With our cutting-edge precast concrete technology, we are committed to delivering high-performance and cost-effective solutions for runoff management and environmental protection. Our focus is on delivering a comprehensive approach that addresses a range of stormwater challenges.

Whether your project requires detention, retention, infiltration, or oil-water separation, RainRescue offers versatile, customizable solutions. We design our systems to optimize land use, minimize costs, and precisely meet the unique requirements of your site. Embrace the next level of tailored stormwater management with RainRescue.



Computer-generated image of a modular underground stormwater detention system made of precast concrete blocks, with clear panels showing internal water storage chambers and an external outflow pipe, set against a dark textured background.The Detention System temporarily stores and controls the release of stormwater, effectively preventing flooding and reducing strain on drainage systems.


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A 3D rendering of a precast concrete stormwater retention system with a semi-transparent side showing internal water levels, topped with manhole covers, against a dark background.The Retention System collects and stores stormwater for later use, aiding in water conservation and reducing demand on municipal systems.


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Digital model of a stormwater infiltration system constructed from precast concrete, shown with a cutaway view revealing interior water channels, mounted on a gravel base layer, complete with manhole covers and a side pipe, all set against a textured dark background.The Infiltration System allows stormwater to percolate into the soil, recharging groundwater and reducing runoff.


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Illustration of an oil-water separator system, constructed from precast concrete with transparent viewing panels showing the separation process inside, equipped with an inlet pipe, internal baffles, and a secure top with service access, against a dark backdrop.The Oil-Water Separator System filters out oil and debris from stormwater, ensuring cleaner water is released into the environment.


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Environmental and Sustainability Benefits of RainRescue

Towards a Greener Tomorrow: RainRescue is more than just a stormwater management system; it’s a commitment to the environment. By minimizing stormwater runoff and promoting natural processes like groundwater recharge, RainRescue plays a pivotal role in protecting waterways and ecosystems. Our system aligns with sustainable urban development, contributing to LEED certification and supporting green infrastructure initiatives across diverse geographical landscapes.

  • Reduces Runoff and Flooding: Significantly lessens stormwater runoff, mitigating flood risks.
  • Promotes Groundwater Recharge: Aids in replenishing vital groundwater sources.
  • Supports LEED Certification: Contributes to green building standards and sustainable development.
  • Adaptable to Various Environments: Tailored solutions for different soil types and settings.


Economic and Efficiency Advantages of RainRescue

Cost-Effective Stormwater Solutions: At the heart of RainRescue’s design philosophy is a commitment to economic efficiency without compromising quality. Our system is engineered to provide long-term savings through its durable construction, minimal maintenance needs, and streamlined installation process. With a focus on reducing overall project costs while maximizing storage capacity, RainRescue stands as an economically advantageous choice for modern stormwater management.

  • Long-Term Cost Savings: Durable design minimizes future repair and replacement expenses.
  • Rapid Installation: Quick, efficient assembly reduces labor costs and project timelines.
  • Minimal Maintenance: Designed for ease of upkeep, further reducing long-term costs.
  • Optimized Storage Design: Maximizes space and functionality, offering greater value for investment.


Structural and Design Flexibility of RainRescue

Adaptable and Robust Stormwater Management: RainRescue’s strength lies in its structural integrity and design adaptability. Engineered with high-quality materials and precision, our system provides robust solutions that are customizable to meet the specific needs of any project. From handling heavy traffic loads to accommodating various site constraints, RainRescue’s modular design ensures a perfect fit for a wide range of applications.

  • High-Strength Construction: Made with top-grade concrete for durability and resilience.
  • Modular Design: Offers flexibility to adapt to different project sizes and site conditions.
  • Load Bearing Capability: Suitable for heavy traffic areas, ensuring structural reliability.
  • Customization Options: Tailored configurations to meet unique project demands.

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