Standard Redi-Track Pads Overview

Welcome to Westcon Precast’s Redi-Track Pads, our innovative solution tailored for modern railroad crossings. These pads are specifically engineered to handle the unique demands of both heavy vehicular traffic and high-volume pedestrian areas. Their robust build ensures durability and reliability in various rail settings, making them an essential component for enhancing the safety and efficiency of railway infrastructures. Ideal for freight, commuter, and light rail applications, the Redi-Track Pads are designed to seamlessly integrate into diverse railway environments, offering a maintenance-free crossing surface that stands the test of time.

Our Redi-Track Pads are not just about robustness; they are also about customization and adaptability. Recognizing the varied requirements of different railway tracks, we offer the flexibility of custom pie-shaped pieces to accommodate the curvature of any track. This bespoke approach ensures that each installation is perfectly aligned with the specific needs of the site, providing a level and stable crossing surface with minimal tripping hazards. The combination of these features makes our Redi-Track Pads a superior choice for enhancing the functionality and safety of railroad crossings, reflecting Westcon Precast’s commitment to delivering high-quality, reliable solutions for the rapidly evolving railway sector.



Efficient Installation:

Redi-Track Pads are designed for fast setup, with a simple design that can be adapted to curves using pie-shaped pieces.

Adaptability and Durability:

These pads fit various track layouts and require minimal maintenance, ensuring durability.

Customized Manufacturing:

Made with strict quality control, Redi-Track Pads can be tailored by our expert design team to meet specific project needs.

Expert Support:

Our responsive team provides seamless support, and the pads' modular design facilitates easy construction.

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