Westcon has developed a full range of standard precast concrete site furnishings including benches, picnic tables, concrete planters, trash containers, and ashtrays.

Applications of Precast Concrete Site Furnishings

Public areas need cost-effective and long-lasting site furnishings that can liven up space, make it more user-friendly, and even keep it clean when people use these areas. Weston Precast’s line of furnishing can be used outside of buildings as an area to congregate for lunch when the weather permits, beautify it with planters, and keep the area tidy with garbage containers and ashtrays to control trash.

Advantages of Precast Concrete Site Furnishings

Westcon precast has been making site furnishings for decades, and we know how to do it to the highest standard. Some advantages of our products are:

  • Manufacturing is highly controlled in our facilities
  • The quality of our site furnishing products is unsurpassed
  • Durable and will last through Canadian winters
  • Available in a variety of sizes to suit the needs of the space
  • Available in a range of colours
  • Not as susceptible to vandalism

Products Details for Site Furnishings

We manufacture products with standard shapes, sizes, and finishing options. You can choose from a smooth, sandblasted, or exposed aggregate finish when you purchase. Westcon also offers the option of customized products with more contemporary styling that can be designed to your exact specifications. See our standard range of products below.

Precast Concrete Benches

Westcon Precast concrete benches can provide the strength, flexibility, and aesthetic value necessary for commercial or residential projects. Choose from the many styles of benches we have available as standard options or have a custom bench designed for your next project.

212 – Bench End – 28” W x 41” H x 4” Thick Exposed 85

Precast Concrete Picnic Tables

Westcon has developed a full range of standard picnic table products that are ideal for public parks and municipalities. Our concrete picnic tables are available in a variety of shapes and sizes with the option of customization to your precise preferences. Westcon offers three finishing options to choose from: natural, exposed, and thick exposed.

213- Picnic Table End – 61” W x 29” H x 4” Thick Exposed 325

Concrete Planters

Our classic concrete planters have an understated design, which blends well on any project. They are highly weather-resistant and extremely durable- perfect for commercial, municipal, and even residential use. Add a touch of flair to any space with Westcon’s concrete planters.

89 – Hexagon – 31” W x 22” H Exposed 200

Concrete Garbage Cans

Our line of precast concrete garbage receptacles can be supplied in exposed aggregate, light sandblast, and coloured concrete. Westcon’s concrete garbage cans are ideal for municipalities and parks and help to control litter and keep the areas that people frequent free of trash.

209 – Round Trash Container – 22” W x 32” H Exposed 265
216 – Ashtray – 14” W x 28” H Exposed 160

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