Store water for domestic consumption, lawn maintenance, irrigation, or livestock care. Every water cistern and water tank model is backed up by a 20-year limited warranty.

Applications of Precast Water Cisterns

Water cisterns have two primary functions: to provide clean drinking water in remote areas or in places that have a low-or poor-quality water table and to provide water for lawn care or irrigation. When a tank is installed to provide drinking water, it is connected to the home by pipe and fittings that are tested in our factory to ensure that they are watertight and the tank does not leak. Westcon wants to remind you that it’s important to ensure that you have a reputable water provider to fill the tank with clean, safe water.
Cisterns can also be used to gather rainwater for watering the lawn and outdoor maintenance. Farmers can also utilize concrete cisterns to collect water for irrigation for crops when there is not a sufficient amount of rainfall, or even store drinking water for livestock.

Advantages of Concrete Water Cisterns

There are some definite advantages of having a concrete cistern on your property.

  • It can save you money on your water bill. You’re not paying for the drinkable water out of your taps and running up your bill.
  • It provides safe drinking water in remote areas. If you have a house in the country or a cottage, a water cistern is probably very useful.
  • It is installed underground, so the water is safe from the elements, sunlight, temperature fluctuations, and pests.

Water Cistern Selection

Depending on your property and intended applications, there are different sizes of water cisterns with varying holding capacities. It’s incredibly important that you size your cistern correctly. You would never want your water to become stagnant by storing it in the tank too long. Ideally, your water tank should hold water for no more than six weeks before it needs to be replenished. Westcon Precast manufactures water cisterns in sizes starting at 2649.79 litres (700 gallons), all the way to 37854.12 litres (10,000 gallons.)
When picking what type of cistern you would need, ask yourself how much water your household is going to require to stay within the approximate six week time frame. Consider the following:

  • Is it your only source of water?
  • Is it meant to be emergency drinking water for a few days as a precaution?
  • Is it meant to be the source of drinking water for a herd of livestock each day?

The Government of Canada released data suggesting the average Canadian household uses 251 litres of water per day. This may help your calculations. If the cistern is a backup supply for a cottage, a simple way to calculate the amount of water you’ll need it to look at your water bill at home. Take the number of litres used over a month and divide it by thirty. The calculation will give you an idea of how many litres of water you’ll need per day.

We advise contacting us to discuss your situation and requirements, and Westcon can help you decide which size and type of water cistern will meet your needs. We’d be happy to help and give you some advice.

Installation of Water Cisterns

Concrete cisterns are placed underground in an excavated area with connections to the home by plumbing fittings that are cast into the tank by trained and qualified personnel. Installing a concrete water tank requires a little more planning due to the higher amount of logistics needed for the proper process of the project itself.

Care & Maintenance of a Water Cistern

Water cisterns can have quite a long service life if they are properly cared for and maintained regularly. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Get your water tested at least twice a year to ensure that the water is safe from bacteria and also to monitor the total dissolved solids.
  • Clean the interior of the cistern and remove debris from the exterior if it is accessible.
  • Sanitize the water cistern at least once per year.
  • Inspect the cistern for cracks and leaks.

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Westcon provides it’s precast concrete water cisterns in the Edmonton and Calgary areas. If you’re looking for specific pricing or you have any questions for us about cisterns and their use in water management, please contact us. We promise accurate information and timely response if you request a quote.

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