A precast concrete water cistern is a type of concrete tank that is designed to contain water that is used for human consumption. A cisterns core purpose is to utilize holding capacity for use of the water later. The tanks are typically placed underground and require excavation for proper placement and installation. When the cistern is placed, it is connected to the home by pipe and fittings that are water tested in our factory to ensure that the tank does not leak.

Other Application of Cisterns

Water cisterns are a good option for rainwater management for homeowners and farmers to collecting rainwater for use in areas when there is not sufficient amount of rainfall. The water collected can for the purposes of irrigation on farmland, an emergency collection of water, and in some cases, to store drinking water for livestock or pets. When wanted to store water in the cistern for domestic purposes like drinking water, secondary treatment of water needs to be considered before consumption.

Types & Sizes of Cisterns

Just like septic tanks, there are different size water cisterns for different holding capacities. Sizing your cistern is as important as sizing your septic tank. You never what your water to become stagnate by storing it in the tank too long. The ideal timeframe is around a month and a half before you need to replenish or refresh. This why Westcon Precast Inc manufactures sizes starting at 700 gallons to 10,000 gallons. When picking what type of cistern you would need, questions should be based on how much water you’re going to require to stay within these timeframes.

Concrete Cisterns

Concrete cisterns are placed underground in an excavated area with connections to the home by fittings that are cast into the tank by trained personnel. Concrete tanks require a little more planning due to the higher amount of logistics needed for the proper process of the project itself. The sizes of precast concrete cisterns Westcon offers are 800 gallons, 1,400 gallons, 2,000 gallons, 2,500 gallons, 3,000 gallons, 3,700 gallons, 5,000 gallons, and 10,000 gallon cisterns.

Advantages of Concrete Cistern

The advantage(s) of a concrete cistern is that if you reside in a bushfire prone area, concrete is fireproof making the investment justified. Since the tank is located underground, this keeps the water cold and doesn’t require any form of cooling. Compared to an above ground or in-ground water tank, those would burn easily and burn your water lines as well, relative to a concrete tank that has underground lines.

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