Westcon Precast manufactures custom and specialty utility infrastructure components trusted to service both private and public sector projects of all sizes across Alberta. We specialize in precast concrete sump pits that can be used for commercial use or in residential housing. Westcon offers standard and custom concrete sump pits that have been specified and trusted by local and provincial utility companies, as well as being approved by the city of Edmonton and Calgary.

Where and Why Sumps Are Used

A sump pit is the lowest point of an area that water is designated to flow to, with the sump pump moving water out. A common place you would see this is in the basement of a residential house to avoid flooding in the basement. Other types of sumps are used in automotive mechanic shops or carwash bays to help catch dripping oil, fuel, and any other varying fluids that discharge from the car and help separate them before these harmful fluids discharge into the environment.

Maintenance of a Sump Pit

Sump pits have a primary purpose of catching drainage and regular maintenance cleaning is required to remove sludge build-up. Algae can grow on the side of the pits which can lead to posing health concerns. This can be avoided through regular maintenance and cleaning.

Contact and Location

Westcon provides it’s precast concrete sump pits in the Edmonton and Calgary area, with our contact info here.

If you have any questions about pricing on the products, we encourage you to request a quote down below or look at the engineering specifics for what type of sump, and size, that will best suit your needs. Due to the wide scope of projects, requesting a quote helps us provide specific and accurate information for your project needs.

Precast Concrete Sump Pit Frequently Asked Questions:

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