The Single Small Sump is a concrete sump suitable for use in both rural and metropolitan homes.

A sump is a sunken tank, installed at the lowest point of a room or workspace, that wastewater drains into. They are often used in basements to prevent flooding or in garages, workshops and commercial car washes to catch chemicals and waste.

Sump pits are designed to catch and contain waste to prevent environmental contamination, meaning they must be emptied and cleaned regularly.

Westcon Precast engineers precast concrete sump tanks at quality controlled manufacturing facilities in Calgary and Edmonton. We use rigorously tested molds and high-quality concrete to ensure every precast sump pit is supremely durable and hardwearing.

The experienced team at Westcon Precast builds and delivers a wide range of precast concrete sumps and sump extensions to meet the needs of any sized home or business. Get in touch and our experts will help you to understand your requirements and find the appropriate model. Westcon can also offer a full installation service.

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single small sump schematic

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Technical Specifications

15 MPa35 MPa6-8%70mm50


– KG– KG150 KG


Jan. 20160100CW