Westcon Precast manufactures restrooms that come in standard design models and different sizes, however, we are also able to provide customized solutions for you. Our process when looking at custom designs is to have a client forward engineered drawings to our team. Should you require help with this process Westcon Precast is here to serve.

Applications of Precast Concrete Restrooms

Our engineered prefabricated restrooms provide an excellent ROI when compared to all options in the market. Precast restrooms can be an economical solution for campgrounds, park facilities, and sports parks. By adding essential facilities to high traffic or a remote location such as greenspaces, provincial parks, or public campground areas, user experience is elevated. Westcon has designed our Precast Restrooms to be installed in tight locations or near a remote weigh-in utility station for the comfort and convenience of the employees working around these areas.

Meeting the specification for ADA compliance was one of our considerations when designing the Cascade restroom. This double stall unit allows for safe wheelchair accessibility with grab bars to assist in the usage of the facility.

Cascades standard features:

  • Cedar shake texture roof with venting
  • Wood embossed exterior texture
  • Steel doors and hardware
  • Stainless steel grab bars
  • 6″ thick walls with bolt-together layout
  • Durable toilet riser and lid
  • ADA compliance

Double and Quad features:

  • Metal roofing with venting
  • Wood, Rock embossed exterior texture
  • Steel doors and hardware Stainless steel grab bars
  • 6″ thick walls with bolt-together layout
  • Durable toilet riser and lid
  • ADA compliance

A prefabricated concrete restroom/bathroom made by Westcon Precast



Westcon Precast installing a Concrete Restroom.


Advantages of Precast Concrete Restrooms

Precast Concrete restrooms from Westcon Precast are a well-constructed and durable option for your project because:

  • Each building is a turnkey system that comes ready with plumbing and mounting hardware
  • Controlled production and installed on-site with our experienced team
  • Easy to clean and low maintenance, will not rot, rust or breakdown
  • Engineered to withstand extreme conditions caused by snow, floods, wind, and fire
  • Aesthetically pleasing with the surroundings and come in a variety of finishing’s
  • Manufactured to meet Builders code requirements
  • Designed to have a long lifespan cycle compared to wood and metal
  • Re-stain exteriors easily and repair vandalism


Product Details for Restrooms

Westcon Precast’s concrete restrooms come in single and multi-room options. By reducing one restroom stall shower access can be accommodated providing a remote area to wash up and get clean. Our engineering designs can even be modified in terms of size of layout and finishing options to fit your aesthetic requirements, however, standard models fit most needs. Our high-strength concrete mix design provides the durability desired for a high return on investment.

Download Schematic as PDF (808kb)

Floor plan for precast restrooms - top Floor plan for precast restrooms - side


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Westcon Precast can gladly give you advice on the restrooms or modular buildings that would best suit the needs of your site. You can get in touch with us to begin the process by calling, sending an email, or requesting a quote.

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