Westcon offers precast concrete modular buildings that are high-quality, durable in harsh winters, and very low maintenance.

Applications of Precast Concrete Modular Buildings

Our prefabricated and customized modular buildings can function as a remote office, security checkpoints cabin, a lift station, pump-house building, or equipment storage. They are practical solutions for public works, municipal utility buildings, and remote worksite construction.


Advantages of Precast Concrete Modular Buildings

Concrete Modular Buildings

Purchasing a prefabricated or custom modular building from Westcon has many advantages, they are:

  • Consistently constructed from high-quality concrete
  • Easy to move
  • Quick installation on a work site
  • Versatile in their applications
  • Affordable and cost-effective


Product Details for Modular Buildings

Out of our facilities in facilities in Edmonton and Calgary, Westcon can prefabricate a standard size modular building or create a custom product if you have specific needs in terms of size or finishing touches. Our modular buildings also come in three ratings based on how much of the year and in what weather it is being used.

  • 1 season: Usable from May until early September?
  • 2.5 seasons: Usable from May until November?
  • 4 seasons: Usable all year


Example Schematic for a Precast Bungalow

Precast Concrete Wall Panels

Westcon Precast also manufactures a wide range of precast concrete wall panels that can be used as external or structural walls. These walls typically act or are great for boundary walls, or firewalls separating a building. Wall panels can be used to construct a building according to your own design. Our wall panels are quick to install and serve a wide range of applications. The most common uses are separating walls, fire suppression, load support walls, and much more.
These wall panels are manufactured in a wide range of specifications with different finishes and designs to fit your project. They are also fabricated with high-grade raw material and a quality finish. They are incredibly durable because of our quality assurance procedures.


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