The 690-CDB-E precast concrete barrier is an excellent choice for most roadside or shoulder drainage applications during highway construction.

The 690-CDB-E barrier can be manufactured or modified with drain voids or sleeves to prevent drainage and snowmelt in the median area from running across the driving lanes. It also maximizes safety benefits for defined workspaces, and shields drivers from driving off the side of the roadway into natural or manmade hazards, such as rivers, ditches, or rock bluffs.

Our precast concrete barrier systems have many benefits over plastic barriers:

  • Specifications: connect to the standard 690-CRB-H barrier height
  • Reduced risk: prevent vehicle hydroplaning conditions
  • Visibility: improves visibility and protection for roadside and shoulder work zones
  • Versatility: manufactured with consideration for adjacent roadside features

Depending on the type of barrier that your project requires, the experienced team at Westcon Precast provides a range of models at differing dimensions to accommodate a wide range of projects. Look below for the engineering specifications and see if the 690-CDB-E transition barrier is the right barrier choice you need to best suit your project.

Download Schematic as PDF (45kb)

690-CDB-E precast concrete barrier schematic

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Technical Specifications

15 MPa35 MPa6-8%75mm50


0.40 m³1020 kg2240 lbs


Feb. 20150001CW