The 7-foot Low Profile (7LPC) precast concrete parking curb is a great choice for wheel stops in traditional business parking lots. The 7LPC is a lower profile than the standard 7-foot parking curb and is designed to minimize damage for lower profile vehicles.

Our precast concrete curbs have many benefits over rubber wheel stops:

  • Safe design: maximize durability and safety
  • Minimized damage: suitable for low profile vehicles
  • Protective standards: protect vehicle tires and rims from punctures, tears and dents
  • Cold snaps: won’t become brittle and crack under cold Alberta winters

Depending on the type of precast concrete parking curb that your project requires, the experienced team at Westcon Precast carries various types of parking curbs at both our Edmonton and Calgary locations. Look below for the engineering specifications and see if the 7-Foot low profile precast concrete parking curb is the right choice you need to best suit your project.

Download Schematic as PDF (45kb)

7-foot Low Profile curb schematic

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Technical Specifications

15 MPa35 MPa6-8%75mm50


0.05 m³94 kg200 lbs


Feb. 20150101CW