Project Overview: Tackling Space Constraints

In the dynamic realm of urban development, the need for efficient and space-saving construction solutions is a constant challenge. At the Anthony Henday Business Park, this challenge became critical with the necessity to build a functional retaining wall. The initial consideration of using mega blocks was problematic due to their substantial space requirement for both the blocks and backfill. Recognizing this issue, Westcon Precast proposed an innovative alternative: the Redi-Rock Retaining Wall system.

The Challenges:

The initial plan to use Mega Blocks for the retaining wall posed significant limitations. Primarily, the design required a sprawling 12 feet of space, which severely restricted the park’s functionality. This was particularly problematic for the turning radius of large trucks in the parking lot, directly impacting the operational efficiency of the businesses within the park.

Innovative Solution: Westcon’s Redi-Rock Retaining Wall Strategy

Responding to this challenge, Westcon Precast introduced the Redi-Rock Retaining Wall system. This solution was transformative, significantly reducing the required space from 12 feet to just 60 inches. The benefits of the Redi-Rock system included:

  • Space Efficiency: Significantly reduced space requirement from 12 feet to just 60 inches, optimizing usable area.
  • Rapid Installation: Quick assembly with small crews, leading to reduced construction time.
  • Structural Reliability: High-strength concrete blocks ensured durability and longevity.
  • Design Flexibility: The system’s versatility allowed for an effective solution in a challenging spatial context.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The natural stone appearance of Redi-Rock blocks enhanced the visual appeal of the business park.

The Results:

The implementation of the Redi-Rock system was a resounding success. It not only enhanced the operational capabilities of the business park but also provided much-needed flexibility for vehicle movement. The construction process was notably rapid and efficient, with small crews able to set large areas of the wall quickly and effectively.


The successful integration of the Redi-Rock Retaining Wall at Anthony Henday Business Park stands as a testament to Westcon Precast’s commitment to innovative, efficient, and space-saving construction solutions. This project showcased the potential of modern engineering solutions in urban infrastructure development, going beyond merely resolving spatial constraints.

Project Recap:

Location: Anthony Henday Business Park

Solution: Redi-Rock Retaining Wall System

Space Efficiency: Space requirement reduced from 12 feet to 60 inches