Westcon Precast has demonstrated quality and professionalism across the precast field with over 65 years of experience working with Albertans. Our precast concrete fence products are applicable for a wide variety of built-to-last projects.

Westcon’s Wall Logic Fence® are engineered to reduce road noise and are easy to install, maintaining a low maintenance cost. Our products are designed for residential and commercial projects with an architectural finish. Appropriate for highway, urban or security applications.

The precast fences are poured off-site at our facility to ensure the the highest quality controls. This practice allows Westcon to control proper precast concrete fence panel manufacturing according to the needs of your project. The precast concrete fencing panels are installed piece by piece on site, which can be more cost effective as well.

Westcon Precast Fences are cost-effective, durable, and are available in custom designs. If you are in the market for a precast fence for a commercial or residential project, please request a quote.

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